Heartstart® FR3 Text Display

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Heartstart® FR3 Text Display


Contents include:

  • 1 x FR3 defibrillator
  • 1 x primary battery
  • 1 x set of SMART pads III.


  •     Fast therapy with automatic turn on when case is opened
  •     Pre-connected adult/infant SMART pads III which are tested daily, can be stored out of the foil pouch so the patient can be connected and therapy delivered quickly
  •     Evaluates the patient's heart rhythm and advises whether to initially treat shockable rhythms with shock, or with CPR immediately followed by a shock
  •     IP55 and 1 metre drop without case, 1.5 metre drop in system case
  •     Minimum of five year shelf life for batteries, with standby life for four years
  •     HeartStart® FR3 can deliver a shock in eight seconds
  •     CPR meter offers CPR feedback and guidance on protocol, to help improve CPR quality
  •     Bluetooth data transmission makes retrieval of episode data, device configuration and clock synchronisation simple and effective

5 year warranty

*Please note that the carry case shown in picture is NOT included.


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