Powerheart G5 CPRD Fully Automatic AED

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Product code: G5A-02C Shipping weight: 3 kg Manufacturer: Cardiac Science

The latest in the cardiac science Powerheart range is the new Powerheart G5. This complete AED solution gives you the confidence to act in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Featuring fast shock times with real-time CPR feedback.

First-time users can successfully perform the critical steps of a rescue with the Powerheart G5’s real-time CPR feedback, user-paced instruction, intuitive pad design and automatic shock delivery. (Semi-automatic version is also available)

Contents include:

1 x Defibrillator

1 x Intellisense battery

1x pair of defibrillation pads

1 x CPR pad

1 x AED manager software, AED manual, getting started card and steps to a rescue.

This incredible AED features:
Rescue Ready Technology

  •    Rescue ready indicator shows your Powerheart G5 is ready for use
  •    Rigorous daily, weekly and monthly self tests of battery, pads, internal circuitry and software for functionality ensure your AED is always ready when you need it
  •    If the self test identifies any issues there will be a visual and audible alert

Real-time CPR feedback

  •     Correct compression rate and depth guidance to ensure you follow the latest Resuscitation Guidelines
  •     Easy-to-follow voice and text prompts
  •     Good quality CPR is proven to increase survival rates

Fast shock times

  •     The powerheart G5 can typically deliver a higher energy shock post CPR in less than 10 seconds
  •     Faster shock times give a victim the best possible chance of survival

Rugged design

  •     High protection rating for dust and water
  •     Tested to military standards

Non polarized pads

  •     Clear graphical directions and easy-pull tab
  •     Interchangeable pads for rapid placement when critical seconds count
  •     Minimum shelf life 2-years

Customised escalating energy

  •     Customises energy level depending on analysis of each patient
  •     If more than one shock is necessary it increases shock energy to a higher level

Liability cover for battery

Industry leading warranty of 7 years

Efficient rescue data transfer and review

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