Parish Council Community Public Access Defibrillator

Early access and early defibrillation, along with effective CPR, give the best chances of survival for a patient who suffers a cardiac arrest.

Having a cPAD means installing a special cabinet on the outside wall of a building so that the automated external defibrillator (AED) inside can be accessible 24/7 to anyone in the vicinity who requires it. The cabinet should be safely installed without having a direct supply from mains electricity providing added reassurance once installed.

We are pleased to work with Parish Councils and will offer a full package of support answering any questions to ensure you can get your cPAD up and running. We can provide guidance and honest information regarding governance, insurance, safety, training, local ambulance involvement, maintenance and everything else required to get your community rescue ready.

Your cPAD package can include the defibrillator of your choice such as a ZOLL AED Plus, Cardiac Science G5 or a LifePak CR Plus to name just a few. We have suitable outdoor cabinets that come with or without a keypad lock and all the necessary signage to make your defibrillator visible.

We encourage Parish Councils to contact us for open and honest advice and find out how we can provide you a better service helping you to get more cPADs in place.

Contact us on 0370 850 1186 to find out whats available to your Parish Council.


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