Should I change my First Aid Training provider?

Did you know?

From 1 October 2013 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) no longer approves training and qualifications for the purposes of first aid at work.

Training organisations who were formerly ‘Approved’ by HSE to deliver First Aid at Work Training can no longer claim to be HSE Approved or use their HSE Approval number.

An employer will need to undertake varying levels of due diligence (reasonable enquiry or investigation) into how they select a first aid training provider.

Criteria for first aid training

All first aid training providers will need to be able – and should be prepared to demonstrate how they satisfy certain criteria set by HSE. These criteria include:

  •     The qualifications expected of trainers and assessors
  •     Monitoring and quality assurance systems
  •     Teaching and standards of first-aid practice
  •     Syllabus content
  •     Certification

Training organisations should also meet the criteria set by the principles of assessment for first aid qualifications.

These principles of assessment for first aid training expand on:

  •     Competence and qualifications of first aiders
  •     The quality assurance systems required
  •     How training is delivered
  •     How training is assessed

Satisfying these criteria will demonstrate to employers that a provider is competent to deliver first aid training. Clarity in this area will help employers comply with the law, as the Health and Safety at Work Act clearly places a duty on them to select a competent training provider.

What is a first aid needs assessment?

All employers should make an assessment of their first aid needs based on the hazards and risks involved in their work. First aid can, and does, save lives and your level of provision should be “adequate and appropriate” to your circumstances. To decide what is adequate and appropriate for you, you should think about things like the nature of your work and how hazardous it is, the nature of your workforce and if you have staff with pre-known medical conditions, the size of your organisation, and the needs of travelling, lone or remote workers.

How are training standards regulated now?

As mentioned above when you are choosing a training provider you should check:

  •     The qualifications expected of trainers and assessors
  •     Monitoring and quality assurance systems
  •     Teaching and standards of first aid practice
  •     Syllabus content and certification

The HSE website provides a due diligence checklist that you can use when you are selecting your training provider.

Do First Rescue Training and Supplies meet the due diligence criteria for selecting a training provider?

Yes, we not only meet the criteria but exceed it. With total independent approval from the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) we will continue to achieve the standards required. The FAIB will issue approval to ensure that Training Organisation with certificated proof that they are both a Member and have achieved the standard required, this will enable any Employer to prove that they have in turn have complied with the requirements placed upon them by the HSE as far as First Aid is concerned.

First Rescue Training and Supplies offer high quality first aid courses delivered by full time trainers at affordable prices and often much cheaper than providers such as St Johns Ambulance. All of our first aid at work courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK and we are confident that when you experience our training you will continue to use us for many years and your staff feedback will highlight how informative and relaxed our courses are.

Call First Rescue today to check availability and save some valuable funds whilst still receiving the training you need 0370 850 1186

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