New range of Steel Defibrillator Cabinets!

We have just added a new range of outdoor steel defibrillator cabinets to our range of quality products. Public access defibrillators are vital to every community to help improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest in the UK. The cabinet chosen to store your defibrillator in is an important investment to ensure that it protects your defibrillator from environmental conditions so it is ready for use when needed. Many people have bought cheap and as in most cases had problems with poor quality locks, heater failure or finding that their cabinet does not have a heater at all!


Our steel AED cabinets are assembled in the UK and all components used are quality that is built to last for many years of use. Not everything will last forever but replacement parts such as lighting and heaters are readily available should spare parts be required.


View the first two cabinets that we have in stock -

Outdoor defibrillator cabinet c/w heating, LED lighting and keypad lock

Outdoor defibrillator cabinet c/cheating, LED lighting and wing handle (NO LOCK)

There are many options we can offer including FREE impartial advice on the type of cabinet best suited to your needs. Call us on 0370 850 1186

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